Tomorrow, I travel to Nairobi, Kenya via Amsterdam.  Only 3 hours in Amsterdam so not really enough time to actually be in Amsterdam.

We’ll spend a day (or two, I don’t really know) in Nairobi before traveling to Mpala Research Centre and Wildlife Foundation near Nanyuki (0.0167° N, 37.0667° E).  Take a look at that latitude: 0.0167.  By comparison, Princeton, NJ is at a latitude of 40.3487° N.  So… I’m like ON the equator.  That should be fun (sarcasm).  Despite my naturally melanized skin, I’m packing lots of sunscreen because I’m assuming there is a big difference between the latitudes of 40 and 0.

This blog post is pretty boring.  Nothing has happened yet, so there’s nothing exciting to say.  Other than that I will miss everyone here.  Here being the United States.  I will miss my Mom and Dad and my sisters and my other relatives and my friends from home and from Princeton.  But I’ll be back (MAY 2ND!) and I’ll have stories to tell so it’ll be worth it.  No Facebook at Mpala so these blog updates will be my link to home.  That and email.

You may be wondering about the title of this Blog.  There are no tigers in Kenya, only lions.  But as the mascot of Princeton University is the Tiger, this rag-tag troupe of Princetonians coming to Kenya makes us… TIGERS… IN… KENYA!!!

Peace Out Amurrica,