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August 2014

I Took Off My Buddha Necklace…

At the Chi Lin Nunnery in Hong Kong, I bought a jade Buddha necklace. On my first full day in Taiwan, I put it on. I was wearing blue pants I’d gotten from Nigeria and a green V-neck from Target and I thought: “I’ve just gotten this new necklace and I think it would look nice with this outfit, I’ll wear it.”

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Avoca West Revisited


Before I left home, I visited my old elementary school. I was driving by, running errands, and I thought I should see the place. Besides in dreams and memories, I hadn’t been there in over 10 years. I thought, as I’m about to start teaching in an elementary school, I should refresh my memory of my old place.

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Hong Kong

Day 0 – The Flight

We (my father and I*) departed Chicago ORD for Hong Kong at about 4pm on a Tuesday with estimated time of arrival 9pm on Wednesday. There’s a 13-hour time difference, so, if you do the math, that’s approximately 16 hours in the air (I think… I’m not so good at math). I’d never been on a flight this long and so I worried I would get a little stir crazy. As such, I mentally prepared to feel like I was on a plane for a whole day.

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Road & River Rambles #2 – Music

After spending hours on end driving across the American Midwest and High Plains, and canoeing down the Green River, I’ve had a lot of time to think. As such, I’ve developed several theories supported solely by anecdotal evidence.

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