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December 2014

December 28th

NOTE: This post was written last Saturday (December 20th) and I wasn’t going to post it until I woke up this morning feeling sick and decided to spend all day in my apartment watching Portlandia and Star Trek: The Next Generation. Keep reading (it’s a short post) and you’ll understand why at the end.

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Music by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross

After I watched Gone Girl, I realized that the music reminded me a lot of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. And I wondered how similar those two scores were with The Social Network, so I made a little radio piece looking at some similarities. LISTEN! IT’LL BE FUN!

Blue Jeans

I need a new pair of blue jeans. I don’t consider myself an overweight individual, but I have what a lot of women have, something what Tina Fey calls crotch biscuits: that fat in your inner thighs that rub together. So when I’m wearing jeans, the crotch areas rub against each other eventually tearing holes. I only brought one pair of jeans to Taiwan because I thought I’d be so hot all the time I wouldn’t want to wear jeans, but it’s gotten cool enough that I wear jeans quite frequently.

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The Physics

I’m sitting in a child-sized chair in a playroom at the Keelung Church of Latter-day Saints opposite Sister Price and her companion for the day.

I’m trying to articulate a concept without being offensive, or disrespectful, but I’m finding it impossible. Words I’m attempting to string together come up short, get mashed in a mental gizzard and are vomited out.

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Down a Rabbit Hole

I don’t know what I expected. I usually try not to make expectations. I think of a few times in the past, I was burned by bad expectations so now I try to expect nothing. Like a monk clearing the mind of all thoughts.

And so, when you make no expectations, when you have no forethought, you end up in situations like mine: down a rabbit hole. In a completely new world. Both amazed by it and intimidated.

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