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February 2015

Bye Bye Twenty-Two

Does it count as my birthday if I’m in Taiwan? I mean, technically, since I was born in the Central Time Zone of the United States, it’s not yet my birthday, so maybe I’m not actually 23 yet? Who knows. All I can say is I’m listening to Taylor Swift’s 22 and I’m trying to be nostalgic about my 22nd year of life.

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Schema: Dreams -> Goals -> Realities


Firstly, this post seems incredibly selfish to me. Things like this start off as my journal entries, but as I’m writing I realize that it sounds like I’m writing for a reader who is not necessarily me in the future. As a result, it may sound self-helpy. My whole journal is this way. And so I feel kind of weird making blog posts out of these because I think: who am I too think other people would care about what’s in my journal, in my mind. I guess if you don’t care you can stop reading, so I shouldn’t worry about wasting your time. I do not care if you stop reading, but please, if you do, go watch Broad City instead because that show is amazing.

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