Does it count as my birthday if I’m in Taiwan? I mean, technically, since I was born in the Central Time Zone of the United States, it’s not yet my birthday, so maybe I’m not actually 23 yet? Who knows. All I can say is I’m listening to Taylor Swift’s 22 and I’m trying to be nostalgic about my 22nd year of life.

People said that after 21, you wouldn’t enjoy birthdays anymore because you don’t gain any new freedoms as you get older. But that’s not true because I can’t run for President for another 12 years. So at 35 I’ll start to be disappointed at getting older.

And also, I liked turning 22. It meant I was graduating from college. I was going to be a real adult instead of the suspended animation adult that a majority of college students are (certainly Princeton where I didn’t pay rent or utilities bills or anything fancy like that).

So maybe turning 23 would feel lackluster because what can you say about 23. But I don’t know, it doesn’t feel so bad so far. I mean, there’s nothing particularly special, but it’s nice to be older and have an extra year of “street cred” to your name, you know? Like, when you’re 22, people still associate you with all the things Taylor Swift says in her song. But 23… you’re above that.

Really the only frustrating thing about turning 23 is knowing that you’re getting closer to being 30, and that’s kind of scary. But then I remember how 7 years ago I was 16 and that feels like such an incredibly long time ago. I couldn’t imagine being 23 then, but now it’s no big deal. Hopefully that will be the same in 30. I don’t know. I’ve never been 30.

Also, I’m happy that time is progressing. Even though if I could have one super power, it would be the ability to stop time so that I could take a nap or eat a lot of cupcakes, I wouldn’t want time to stop or slow down forever. That would be EXTREMELY BORING.

So I’m excited to get older and experience new things and grow mentally. MANY NEW THINGS ARE ON THE HORIZON*. You know about me? I’m feelin’ twenty-three. Everything’s gonna be alright with… a cupcake**.

*Where parallel lines meet in non-Euclidean geometry.
**I could’ve tried to make a rhyme, but I’m tired. Also, no rhyme is better than a good cupcake so why even try.