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March 2015

Holiday in Thailand

Over Chinese New Year my mom and a family friend (former babysitter, but if I say babysitter you’d probably think: “What? She still needs a babysitter? Isn’t she 23?”) came to visit and together we went to Thailand and then Cambodia. It was one of the best vacations I’ve ever had, I think because it was exploring a new realm of the world that has a much different culture (South East Asia). These are some thoughts/highlights from the Thailand portion.


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Sometime in November, I decided to run a marathon. But obviously, just saying “I’m going to run a marathon,” does not make it so. So I needed to actually train. Unfortunately, the day after I decided to run a marathon, I got bitten by a dog on a run, and that made me very not into running. Already I was not into running. As a swimmer, I like floating. Some people think swimming is hard, but, like, you can just float there. If I went limp while swimming, I’d float. If I went limp while running, I’d probably break my nose on the pavement.

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