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September 2015

Listen, Watch, Read: September 20, 2015


CHILDBIRTHWomen’s Rights. I first learned about Childbirth when I was listening to Chastity Belt and Tacocat, two Seattle post-punk (what does this word even mean?) bands. Childbirth consists of one of the guitarists from Chastity Belt, the bassist from Tacocat, and the drummer from Pony Time. Their first album – It’s a Girl! – has catchy and hilarious songs. There new album is just as funny (e.g., “More Fertile Than You“).

Fave song: “Let’s Be Bad.”

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Listen, Watch, Read: September 13, 2015


WHY ARE YOU NOT LISTENING TO “This American Life: The Problem We All Live With Parts One (from July 31st) and Two (from August 7th)” RIGHT NOW?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! THE ONLY ACCEPTABLE ANSWER IS YOU’VE ALREADY LISTENED TO THEM. They are honestly both amazing. Part One is MUCH MUCH SADDER. I did not cry, but I definitely cringed / felt sick at some of the overt-covert racism of the parents in the predominantly white school district . Partly because I imagine that those SAME THINGS would’ve been said if someone suggested busing CPS (Chicago Public School) students into New Trier Township High School. Part Two, doesn’t make you feel completely wrecked at the end of it. It’s about the not-forced integration of schools in Hartford, CT. I actually laughed when the report mentioned a white parent asking how their white child would feel being in a predominantly black classroom, because, again, LOL, the reverse of that was my entire childhood. I’m making New Trier sound horrible. It was actually really great and prepared me well for college and maybe life too. But, as always, things can be better. Why settle for OK? I feel like I’ve met so many people that just settle for OK. Why? Why not try to make the world (or at least your immediate world) the best it can be? Listen to the podcasts. I actually listened to them two weeks ago, but had already posted a LWR that week. This week listened to the Another Round (another awesome interview/pop-culture) podcast where Heben and Tracy interview Nikole Hannah-Jones (the reporter of The Problem We All Live With Part One) and it was great. She talked about her experience growing up and her experience in journalism, both greatly illuminating.

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In Vitro

The waiters at Delicioux, a pasta restaurant in downtown Keelung, exclusively see me in the act of writing and eating. On any given weekday, except Monday because the pool’s closed on Mondays, I shuffle in, smelling of chlorine and the vinegar/alcohol solution I use to clean my ears. I order chicken pesto pasta, or vegetable pesto, or (if I’m feeling adventurous like tonight) chicken and chili. The food’s not great, but it’s air-conditioned, the menu’s in English, and the seats are comfortable. These are my standards.

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Clutter – Literal and Figurative

One of the writers in my writing workshop invited me to give a speech to her English club (where people practice English so as to get better). I said sure because I loved telling my story at the live storytelling competition a month ago, and wanted to have another opportunity to practice this type of thing.

She told me the topic was “clutter.”

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Listen, Watch, Read: September 6, 2015


WTF with Marc Maron: Lake Bell. I’ve been listening to Marc Maron’s podcast for several months now. The first time I listened to Marc Maron interview someone, I thought he sounded kind of jerkish, but as the interview went on, I realized he actually had really great questions that built off of interviewees’ responses. He does a great job connecting and digging deeper than the discussions that occur in some shorter interview podcast, so it’s no wonder the podcast is so popular. He has many episodes, and they tend to be quite long (because he’s so good at interviews!), so I pick and choose the ones I actually devote the time to listen to, not because they’re not good, just because there are SO MANY OTHER THINGS TO OCCUPY MY EAR TIME. BUT I got ’round to listening to this relatively recent interview he did with Lake Bell (writer/director/actor of In a World… [Bell, 2013]; not to be confused with Drake Bell, of Drake and Josh fame/obscurity). Anyway, this one was particularly interesting because Lake Bell discussed her trajectory from just actor, to actor who secretly wrote screenplays, to actor who actively wrote screenplays and got a deal to direct her screenplay but was worried she couldn’t do it but did it anyway and became a hit, to actor who actually gets hired to be a director of movies, so maybe now she’s a director who is also an actor. Whatever. Labels are annoying.

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Listen, Watch, Read: August 30


The Breeders. I don’t know why it’s taken me this long to try to start listening to The Breeders, but whoa dude, check it out. I really dig it. There’s kind of a lot of range to their whole discography (only 4 albums). Like, there’s the one’s you’ve probably heard before (“Cannonball,” “Saints“). But then there’s slower more folksy sounding songs (“Drivin’ on 9,” “Full on Idle“). And then “Bang On” which almost sounds like it could be Beck (but it’s not; it’s better than Beck).

Fave track: “Huffer” from Title TK.

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For the record, this song could be called “Face Med School.” It could be. It’s not. WARNING: Do NOT listen if you are offended by: the F-word, med school, traditional medicine, and/or obnoxious laughing.


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