The Breeders. I don’t know why it’s taken me this long to try to start listening to The Breeders, but whoa dude, check it out. I really dig it. There’s kind of a lot of range to their whole discography (only 4 albums). Like, there’s the one’s you’ve probably heard before (“Cannonball,” “Saints“). But then there’s slower more folksy sounding songs (“Drivin’ on 9,” “Full on Idle“). And then “Bang On” which almost sounds like it could be Beck (but it’s not; it’s better than Beck).

Fave track: “Huffer” from Title TK.


9 to 5. I felt like watching a movie off my Netflix queue but all of them seemed serious / intense or were recent comedies that I worried would not be good. So I thought: why not re-watch 9 to 5Best decision of my Monday night. That movie will turn THIRTY-FIVE YEARS OLD this December 19th, yet it is still INCREDIBLY RELEVANT. It is about women struggling with the patriarchy in their workplace. IT IS SAD THAT IS IS STILL RELEVANT TODAY. THIS MOVIE IS THIRTY-FIVE YEARS OLD AND THE ISSUES ARE STILL A PROBLEM TODAY. At the end of the film, the women have gotten most of the things they wanted to see changed in their workplace (work sharing, daycare, etc.) but the boss is like “well I’m not sure about this equal pay thing,” and Lily Tomlin’s character is like: “we got to get this equal pay thing.”

Fave moment: When Jane Fonda’s character is standing up to the husband who cheated on her then divorced her: “Don’t you tell me what I can or can’t do. […] If I want to have an affair or play sex games or do M and Ms [sic, BDSM] you can’t stop me.”


The Summer 2015 issue of One Throne Magazine. I’m trying to read more online fiction / creative non-fiction and One Throne Magazine was one of the places that caught my eye when I was creating a list. Pretty quick, entertaining stuff, including poems.

Fave story: Soup by Chikodili Emelumadu. It did NOT go where I expected it to go, and even though it went somewhere ridiculous, I was cool with it.