WHY ARE YOU NOT LISTENING TO “This American Life: The Problem We All Live With Parts One (from July 31st) and Two (from August 7th)” RIGHT NOW?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! THE ONLY ACCEPTABLE ANSWER IS YOU’VE ALREADY LISTENED TO THEM. They are honestly both amazing. Part One is MUCH MUCH SADDER. I did not cry, but I definitely cringed / felt sick at some of the overt-covert racism of the parents in the predominantly white school district . Partly because I imagine that those SAME THINGS would’ve been said if someone suggested busing CPS (Chicago Public School) students into New Trier Township High School. Part Two, doesn’t make you feel completely wrecked at the end of it. It’s about the not-forced integration of schools in Hartford, CT. I actually laughed when the report mentioned a white parent asking how their white child would feel being in a predominantly black classroom, because, again, LOL, the reverse of that was my entire childhood. I’m making New Trier sound horrible. It was actually really great and prepared me well for college and maybe life too. But, as always, things can be better. Why settle for OK? I feel like I’ve met so many people that just settle for OK. Why? Why not try to make the world (or at least your immediate world) the best it can be? Listen to the podcasts. I actually listened to them two weeks ago, but had already posted a LWR that week. This week listened to the Another Round (another awesome interview/pop-culture) podcast where Heben and Tracy interview Nikole Hannah-Jones (the reporter of The Problem We All Live With Part One) and it was great. She talked about her experience growing up and her experience in journalism, both greatly illuminating.


I’ve been so busy this past week I have pretty much not read anything published. I’m in the process of reading short stories for my writers’ group. They are compiling an anthology (of which I hope to be a part of!) and so I’m busy reading and critiquing these pieces. Hopefully by the end of the year I’ll be able to share the anthology with you!


Saturday I stayed in (re: so exhausted from a the week, I took Saturday off so that I could not be exhausted for a 10k on Sunday morning). I ended up watching THREE MOVIES (re: relaxing, decompressing): Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues (2013), In A World (2013), Frida (2002). All were entertaining. I was surprised that Anchorman 2 did not bother me. I avoided watching it when it came out because I thought it would just be a raunchy dude comedy that I wouldn’t like. But it ended up being moderately funny and did not really offend me, so that’s nice! In A World was cute and fresh; would recommend it for people into the small indie comedies, although you’ve probably already seen it if you’re into small indie comedies because it was pretty popular. Frida (this trailer is not good; the film is much better than the trailer, which is not the case of many films today) was a decent biopic. I honestly knew nothing about Frida Kahlo besides: she drew self-portraits and she had a unibrow. So I learned a lot watching this film. The tone was kinda weird, but I think that’s just the director Julie Taymor’s style (she also did Across The Universe). Her stuff is very trippy/weird. Not necessarily in a bad way, just different than your average biopic. But it’s better to be weird than average. Also Frida Kahlo’s paintings and style were kinda “weird” in her day, so I guess the film kind of mimics that.