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October 2015

Listen, Watch, Read: October 18, 2015


Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio (iTunes, Soundcloud). I started listening to this podcast last year when I was getting into more punk / post-punk music. Broadcasted every few weeks for the past 3+ years, it’s a wonderfully curated collection of underground, garage rock from every decade that garages and rock have existed simultaneously (rock the music genre, not the geological amalgamation of minerals).

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As Heard on Radio

In August, I told my first live story ever at Taipei Story Slam. In September, I told another. From these two positive experiences, I got invited to tell a live story – like one I would tell at Story Slam – on ICRT’s Morning Show with Terry.

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This Makes Me So Happy

Grade 3, Female Student: Teacher look!

*She shows me pages of science notes she’s made using the computer.*

Me: Wow! This is amazing!

Student: My mom helped me. 

Me: Is your mom a scientist? 

Student: Yes. 

Me: Do you want to be a scientist too?

*Shy grin across Student’s face*

Student: Yes. 

This makes me so happy. 

Listen, Watch, Read: October 11, 2015


Around a year ago, I got addicted to Sleater-Kinney‘s discography. I remember trying to get into them after learning that Carrie Brownstein (of Portlandia) was first a musician in Sleater-Kinney. I watched the music video for “Get Up” (directed by Miranda July) and was like: this is weird. I don’t know what my headspace was like then. I was clearly not as cool as I am now.

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Missed Connection – Taipei Fish Market


Me, spotting you at a counter behind a thick pane of glass.

You, sitting there with that dude you were with, waiting.

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Getting Lost and Wasting Time

I didn’t really realize how differently you have to behave when you live somewhere where you can’t speak the language. It might be easier to call a place to ask if they have an item I want, or to look at their website. But I can’t speak or read Chinese so these avenues are often closed off to me. I have to physically go places and see things and speak to people in person. I brute force everything. I tend to stick to routines. It is difficult to try new methods of transportation or be spontaneous because my mobility is limited because my communication ability is limited.

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Listen, Watch, Read: October 4, 2015


I haven’t been exploring new music lately – or at least, I haven’t been finding new music that I’ve really really liked – but I have revisited an old podcast I listened to last fall/winter. Love + Radio.

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An Empty Beach, An Illustration of Loneliness

After the race, part of me wanted to just sit around in my room at the B&B. As I biked back on my sore ass, moving my tired quads, a big part of me wanted to just lay in my bed until it was time to go to the airport. But I knew I shouldn’t do that. And when I got back to the B&B (I booked by accommodations with the race site in mind so it was only a 5 minute ride), I literally couldn’t.

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Kinmen Triathlon

I don’t know if I’m a lazy person trapped in an active person’s body or if I’m an active person trapped in a lazy person’s body. Because I always sign up for things thinking: hey I should do this thing, but then when time comes to actually do it, I just want to lay in bed and binge-watch Netflix. A while ago I listened to an interview with filmmaker/author/artist Miranda July*, and she and the interviewer agreed that a lot of the stuff they do is just a way to avoid doing nothing because they would probably do nothing if they don’t do the stuff they push themselves to do.

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