I listened to a whole smattering of stuff this week. But I guess I’ll highlight one band, really one track since I’m not sure how I feel about all their stuff. Actually, they only have one album. Tiger Trap was a Sacramento quartet from the early 90s. When “Puzzle Pieces” popped up on my Discovery Weekly playlist on Spotify (actually a really cool feature of Spotify). The clean riffs and infectious beat of “Puzzle Pieces” hooked me and I found myself singing the song in my head walking around town. I think they marginally remind me of one of my favorites Household, a Brooklyn triplet on indefinite hiatus. So hearing new sounds (actually 20-years-older sounds) that sounded like Household was cool. I think Tiger Trap’s lyrics are a little more bubblegum (“twee pop”), which is a turn off. But the instrumentation feels like your a teen in summer, which, you just need sometimes.

Fave track: “Supreme Nothing” is just as catchy with less of the cheese as “Puzzle Pieces,” although I will still listen to both because they are CATCHY.


Who even knows. I don’t think I watched any movies last week because I was too busy binge watching Empire. So, yeah. I’m watching Empire. I think it’s pretty cool. I think the music – not the hip-hop but the non-diegetic score – is kind of weird. Like it makes it seem very high drama. But I’m cool with that. As long as it knows what it’s doing and wants to be doing that and stays consistent with that. I’m only a few episodes in and certainly there have been moments of real drama that have been affecting. So I shall keep watching.

Fave moments: The way Cookie Lyons refers to her gay son, whom we know she loves, is so, from an outside perspective, offensive. But, like, it must be OK because she is his Mom and clearly loves him and wants him to succeed (even if it is for her benefit too). I don’t know. I’m intrigued.


The comic Bitch Planet. Script by Kelly Sue DeConnick and art by Valentine De Landro. Marketed as: “Think Margaret Atwood meets Inglourious Basterds.” Ummm…. YES PLEASE. The only frustrating thing about Bitch Planet is how long I have to wait for each new (installation? edition? book? HELP I’VE NEVER READ COMICS BEFORE!). The premise is: in a patriarchal future, women who are “non-compliant” (pretty much most women today) are sent to a prison planet nicknamed, obviously, Bitch Planet. I can tell there’s stuff developing, but it’s kind of hard to get into it when each new (volume?) comes out months after the previous one. I think before each new (I’m going to go with volume,) volume it’s best to re-read the previous volumes as a refresher. Anyway, I just read the one from September and it totally captivated me from start to finish. In the back, the creators include additional content about feminist themes in the form of guest essays and mock advertisements. Worth a read if you’re into this sort of thing.