Around a year ago, I got addicted to Sleater-Kinney‘s discography. I remember trying to get into them after learning that Carrie Brownstein (of Portlandia) was first a musician in Sleater-Kinney. I watched the music video for “Get Up” (directed by Miranda July) and was like: this is weird. I don’t know what my headspace was like then. I was clearly not as cool as I am now.

Literally last fall I became obsessed, partly because their new album was about to drop and partly because I felt l connected with the sentiments in the songs. I watched so many live clips of them on Youtube and even went to see them in July at Pitchfork Music Festival in Chicago. That was a very new experience for me. I never really understood why people freaked out when they saw celebrities. But when Janet Weiss (badass drummer), Corine Tucker (killer voice), and Carrie Brownstein (guitar pro) walked out on stage and I realized I was actually occupying a shared space with these artists that I respected so much, I understood and in fact mini freaked out.

Anyway, that obsession seemed to fizzle out. I started listened to some other music more frequently and thought: was S-K just a phase? That made me sad, because their music is so wonderful and nourishing. Well, it’s not a phase. Or rather, if it is a phase, it’s periodic. I will at set intervals be obsessed and I’m fine with that.

Fave track: Literally there can be no fave track. They have so much music (8 studio albums) and they’ve mentioned that they make an effort to always create new sound. So their stuff is extremely varied. It runs the gamut of emotions/moods. Feelin’ like inspiration or a boost, turn up “Get Up” (The Hot Rock) and get the frack up. Or Dig Me Out. Feelin’ pissed off and just want to rage, sing along to “Little Mouth” (Call the Doctor) or really anything from their first two albums. Feelin’ classic rocky but don’t want to listen to misogynists, jam with “Let’s Call It Love” (The Woods). I have at least a dozen favorite tracks on any given day, and it’s no use trying to pick one. Just listen to the entire discography on shuffle. That is my favorite track: four hours and fifty-two minutes of continuous Sleater-Kinney. 


What Happened, Miss Simone? a Netflix documentary by Liz Garbus. I felt like watching a movie but felt the urge to not watch something frivolous. During fall midterms (october 2013) (or maybe it was finals period january 2014), I binge listened to Sinnerman while typing up a essays about global health policy and whatnot. Anyway, I didn’t really dive into Nina Simone‘s discography after that, but I was intrigued by her unique voice and musical sound. When this documentary came out last year, I added it to my cue and figured, why not watch it now. It was good. It felt a little slow in the middle, but definitely a movie story; I cried a bit at the end. I’m glad her music and her life are getting more recognition now, especially with this resurgence in civil rights movements.


Paper Girls. Issue 1* by Brian K. Vaughan, Cliff Chiang, and Matt Wilson. Saw this on Twitter. Recognized that Paper Girls is distributed by Image Comics (which does Bitch Planet). Figured I should give it a try. Thoroughly enjoyable. I look forward to the next one. Basically it’s about these badass ’80s teens who try to fight the patriarchy by being female paper deliverers in a paper boy world. But it’s more than that because there’s this sci-fi fantasy element to it. I’m not really sure what yet, but I think it has to do with time travel. Basically there’s a twist at the end of issue 1 that I consider to be both laugh out loud hilarious and incredibly profound. Check it out.

*I now know how to refer to one comic. It’s an issue.