Listen to this.

My friend, a photographer, was doing a project and wanted to take photos of dreams. So I sent her a dream I had last October and wrote down in my journal. You can check out more of Lynse Cooper’s work at her tumblr. The text of the dream is below.

E's Dream 3 with Aisha & DeVann as stand-ins JPEG

E's Dream 4 with Sindiso & I as stand-ins JPEG

E's Dream 1 with Aisha & DeVann as stand-ins JPEG

E's Dream 2 with Aisha & DeVann as stand-ins JPEG


I was in my apartment, but it looked completely different. People were coming – or they were already there – I don’t know. But my sister Elora was there and I think I met the old man there too.

I’m not sure why or how, but suddenly the old man and I were at like a tropical resort cafe, out on the terrace, sitting opposite a Mediterranean/Middle Eastern-looking man. And we were getting married. It was just what was happening. I think I felt happiness and joy. The Mediterranean/Middle Eastern-looking man was the officiant because he said something about “since we don’t have any witnesses, you’ll have to be your own witnesses” which makes no sense.

But I didn’t care because: 1) IT WAS A DREAM AND YOU’RE COOL WITH A LOT OF SH*T THAT MAKES NO SENSE IN DREAMS! and 2) I WAS GETTING MARRIED! I was happy that I found someone even though he was at least 30 years my senior.

I think he was saying his vows. I alternated between looking at him and looking at the officiant. Then he said something about his deceased wife and I could no longer look at him. I looked out over the ocean and felt this wave of sickness wash over me. I’d made a huge mistake. I smiled and turned back to him but I couldn’t look at him and his white hair, so I turned back to the whitecaps of the waves. I knew I’d let him finish what he was saying and then I’d say this has all been a huge mistake and leave and hopefully that’d be that.

And it was. I walked away worried he’d follow me and make a scene, but he didn’t.

I woke up after this feeling freaked out, not because I’d been engaged to some old man. All dreams are weird like that. But the emotions in dreams are real. What scared me the most was how quickly I flipped from wanting something to realizing it was a huge mistake. How I went from “happy happy joy joy” to “get me the f**k out of here.”