I was sick pretty much all last week, and sleep has been a difficult thing for me to get. I find that my mind is racing with thoughts of all the things I haven’t been doing – because I was so tired and sick – that I couldn’t go to sleep. And thus couldn’t stop being tired and sick. INFINITE LOOP.

In the past, to combat the mind racing, I would maybe have an episode of a TV show on in the background while trying to go to sleep, but I’m trying to move away from that because of the blue lighting that can make it hard to go to sleep. Music doesn’t really keep my mind off my thoughts so well, so that’s out too. I found myself turning to podcasts.

And specifically, The Truth. It’s a podcast I first learned about in 2014 and have been listening ever since. The tagline in some of the earlier episodes is “movies for your ears.” They’re short radio dramas that really do feel like you’re listening to a short film. They’re wonderful. The stories are complete even though they’re often only around 10-15 minutes long. The sound design is such that you can really envision everything going on in the scene. And in more recent episodes (“Remember The Baby”), the sound design doesn’t just support the physical creation of a world in your head, but it captivates in a way that draws you in.

If you listen to podcasts, you should check out this podcast. If you don’t listen to podcasts, you should still check out this podcast. It’s so beautifully crafted and they’re so short, it’s easy to listen when you want to close your eyes and relax. Although some of the episodes are scary (“The Devil You Know”, for example, which is an hour long piece composed of three shorter pieces), so maybe skip those if you want to not be afraid.


I finished my two-week-long binge of season one of Jane The Virgin. I first heard about it when Gina Rodriguez – the actress who plays Jane – won a Golden Globe. I think it recently came out on Netflix, lowering the barrier to access for me to watch it. It’s pretty funny. I mean, it’s also cheesy and full of wild circumstances. But I just remember that it’s based on a telenovela. It reminds me of Ugly Betty in this regard. However, the two differ in that Jane The Virgin seems more self-aware, probably because of the presence of a narrator (think Ron Howard in Arrested Development). Probably the only problem with the show is that its on network television and thus needs to be around 23 episodes long, resulting in some narrative arcs that just aren’t so compelling. For example, Jane’s love triangle. I find this arc to be the most boring of the show. Probably the best part is the familial love between the three generations of Villanueva women (Alba the Grandma, Xiomara the Mom, and Jane the Daughter). They just really love each other and put each other first and foremost, and that for some reason seems refreshing to see on television.


NOTHING. I was sick. And as a result lazy. And read nothing beyond articles on the internet here and there. Still working on Candide. It’s just gotten kind of boring. Everything is clearly not best, Voltaire.