Grass Widow. Almost on infinite repeat the past couple days. I’ve been feeling very even-keel. Not high. Not low. In between emotions. Grass Widow is this really chill, yet discordant and angular (oxymoronic, I know) post-punk Kill Rock Stars triplet from San Francisco. I’m pretty sure they’re not a band anymore, which totally sucks because their music is really cool. At least they have four EP/LP releases on Spotify.

I first heard them when listening to an interview with the lead singer/guitarist of another of my favorite bands (also on indefinite hiatus), Household. She described Grass Widow as the sort of band that, after seeing them live, makes you want to be in a band.

All three members share vocal duties, blending their voices into harmony. Sort of like if the members of Mountain Man (another probably defunct group) had chosen to pick up instruments and create a post-punk band. Anyway, they make (made) really cool songs that sound both retro yet definitely not retro. Like, if someone from now went back in time and was trying to make it as a musician, they’d have to cater to a certain aesthetic, yet would inevitably include elements of musical standards from our time. That is how I feel about Grass Widow. IDK. For me, the drone-like guitar rhythms, angular drum beats, and wispy vocal harmonies make it the perfect music for when you just want to chill and not worry about what music you’re listening to.

Also, I’m pretty sure they’re scientists, or at least heavily into science concepts, because a lot of their titles and lyrics seem to be about physics stuff. Including their last album (Internal Logic), which I read is a concept album about space. However, I probably like their first album (Grass Widow) the most though.

Fave tracks: Hard to tell. Probably: “To Where,” “Goldilocks Zone,” “Fried Egg,” “Lulu’s Lips,” “Cut It Off,” “Shadow,” “Tattoo,” “Uncertain Memory.”

UPDATE: While writing this post, I found this track from a 2013 release – a cover of EMF’s “Unbelievable” – which is better than 2012 (when Internal Logic was released). So that gives me hope that they’re not completely over.



Rose McGowan‘s Dawn (2014). I listened to her interview on Elvis Mitchell’s KCRW podcast The Treatment and was intrigued by a lot of what she said. I figured watching short films is something I should do more of, so I thought I’d start with hers. It’s only ~17 minutes. You should watch it. It’s incredibly economical. Something she mentioned in her interview with Elvis was that it could’ve been a feature, but why if you can say what you need to say in quarter the time? I like that because I feel like there are times I’ve watched indie films that could have just been shorts. It felt like not enough was happening to justify my spending 90 minutes looking at the screen. Harsh, I know, but whatever. I was also intrigued by McGowan’s premise: girls are taught all these rules about how to behave (specifically with regards to always pleasing others and being accommodating), and how all it takes is encountering one psycho that will take advantage of these rules society has placed on girls. The film is definitely worth you 17 minutes. And if you have another 30, listen to McGowan’s chat on The Treatment.



I splurged and bought +$60 of comics during an Image Comics Black Friday sale (on until 12/2!). I regret nothing. Comics are cool. I’m just starting to get into them since I’ve been interested in maybe creating some. I started reading Astronauts in Trouble #1, which gets off to kind of a slow start in my opinion. But, they release monthly (unlike a lot of the other comics I’m already hooked on like Bitch Planet and Paper Girls). I was a little disappointed because I thought the comic was in color, but only the cover had color. I think that’s maybe why they’re able to put out something every month. We shall see if I grow to like it. Regardless, comic issues are so short, if you don’t like the first few issues, it’s not like you wasted three hours of your life like you might with a television show.