It’s Alive = The name of a La Luz album.


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Sketch by Ted Pigott.


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Has it been a long journey? Moderately. Recording, editing, internetting. I hit a snag with figuring out how to do the web server/hosting/RSS/WTF stuff. You can have a third party do all this stuff for you, but at a cost. I’m not into paying for stuff that I should be able to DIY for free*, so I stumbled through the process of finding the easiest way to do that. A journey, which started with GitHub pages at the request of a programmer friend who did not realize I am incompetent at coding**, wound its way finally to, which makes it SUPER EASY to produce an RSS feed specifically for iTunes podcasting. Since I’m already on WordPress, I was able to create/design a new blog site in moments.

This feels like a small, big project. Small because it’s small scale. Probably not a lot of people will listen to this podcast. But big because it involves a lot of people. There are the storytellers. There are the people who gave me help/advice with regards to the tech and programming stuff I knew very little about (THANKS ANDREW AND JON!). There are the people I told about this podcast and that want to listen when it’s complete.

Involving other people makes me feel accountable to actually finish the project. A lot of times with my writing, no one really cares if I do it or not, and thus, many times I don’t do it. But with this, other people know about it. They’re expecting to hear their stories or the stories of their friends. That’s an advantage of working with people.

Check out the first THREE episodes (the November Part Two episode includes a story from me that I wrote about in a previous blog post).


*JUST KIDDING. I eat food cooked by other people when I could totally cook my own food.

**I cried after my freshman year COS midterm because MY PROGRAM DID NOT EVEN COMPILE. Also, sophomore year I named some Java arrays in one program designed to cluster genes “clusterFuck” because I gave none by the end of the assignment. My TA was amused.