I didn’t really listen to this a lot last week, but I plan to listen to it in the future. The Coolies, a band from New Zealand, released their latest album: Kaka. (When looking for their tumblr, I learned that the word coolies is actually a racial slur. THE MORE YOU KNOW! I’m assuming they’re trying to reclaim the word as I think they are not white New Zealanders, but I also don’t know the racial dynamics of New Zealand. More of a reason to visit sometime soon!) I first heard them when listening to Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio and really dug their sound. I thought maybe they were another band that put out stuff for a few years, then slowly became no more, but their most recent release gives me hope that sometimes under-the-radar bands can come back a few years later. Anyway, I haven’t listened to it that much because my computer is in the shop and so I am computer-less at home, but I definitely think it’s a good listen for those into rougher, sludgier, subgarage post-punk.


TRANSPARENT. COMPLETELY UNBEKNOWNST (can we all agree unbeknownst is the weirdest word to spell?) AMAZON RELEASED SEASON 2 OF TRANSPARENT. I had been low-key checking Amazon Prime Video from time-to-time to see if it was out yet. I don’t know why, but I figured social media would tip me off to when I could start binging. SOCIAL MEDIA FAILED ME BECAUSE THE OTHER DAY I CHECKED AND IT HAD BEEN OUT FOR SEVERAL DAYS. I COULD’VE BEEN DONE BINGING IT. It’s 10 30-minute episodes, so literally it’s one afternoon of your life if you choose to binge. I wanted to savor slowly. I really enjoyed the first season. I believe Jill Soloway is a genius. I think the thing I love most about the show is its tone. I really enjoy how it flows between comedy and drama very freely. I feel like in many dramedies, there are serious scenes and then there are comedic scenes. In Transparent, a scene will move between these effortlessly. (If I wanted to write something witty that someone may quote in a tweet when referencing Transparent, I would say the flow between the comedy and drama within scenes of Transparent is comparable to the sexual fluidity of Sarah Pfefferman.) I really enjoy this because it seems the most like real life (or at least my lived experience with my family) there have been many moments of crying, laughing, then crying again (or vice-versa). There’s just so much to love about this show in addition to its tone. Like, 50% of the main/supporting characters are queer. Carrie Brownstein is in it.

As previously mentioned, I attempted to savor this second season knowing it would be a year before I would be able to watch the next five hours of the saga of the Pfefferman’s, but since my computer’s busted and in the shop, I cannot complete the season. I got half-way through. I’m very intrigued the epigenetics idea and the flashbacks to Weimar Germany. I would really like to see where this goes, but the damn computer broke. I think I could download an Amazon Prime Video app to my phone, but I’m too lazy and trying to be patient. But if the tech engineer (there is only one, why IDK, what the fuck Studio A) won’t diagnose and solve my problem within the next few days, then I may just resort to that.



ODY-C, an Image Comic by Matt Fraction and Christian Ward. I bought Vol. 1 during my Black Friday Image Comics binge, and I must say I do not regret this purchase at all. It’s thoroughly entertaining. The art is pretty trippy. The story is The Odyssey, but in space, and everyone is a woman, except Telemachus is still a dude. But – and I haven’t gotten to this yet, but I assume this is what will happen – that makes him the target of harassment (instead of Penelope like in Homer’s original) because Zeus (also a woman) didn’t want humans to create new life so she got rid of men. But then Odyssia had Tele, so there’s something special there. Anyway I haven’t finished Vol. 1 because MY COMPUTER BROKE AND STUDIO A SUCKS AT DIAGNOSING AND REPAIRING COMPUTERS EVEN THOUGH THAT IS LITERALLY ITS ONLY JOB. I will finish once I get my computer back. I am very excited to finish Vol. 1. I will probably purchase Vol. 2 as soon as I finish Vol. 1. The coolest thing about it, besides the obvious philosophical gender questions that arise from this version of the Odyssey, is that the writer actually maintains a lyrical, rhythmic verse akin to the epic poem. I love it. Give it a try. Issue one might just hook you like a lotus root.