I watched second graders amuse themselves during break time by seeing how far a strip of white paper would blow in the wind when they released it from their fingers.

A few months ago the biggest fad in second grade was taking a small plant (like a single-stem weed) and making it very thin, as thin as possible by peeling off layers of the stem, while still keeping the leaf attached to the stem. Then they would “duel” each other by crossing their stems and seeing whose leaf would fall off first. I found the game very inventive and wanted to try. But about thirty seconds in to peeling my stem, I got bored and threw the plant away.

And they say kids have short attention spans.

Is it weird that the things kids find fun seem completely dull to me. When do our tastes change? And why?

In first grade they delight in flying paper airplanes. Which is cool, definitely, but every break time for 10 minutes, all they do is throw the paper airplanes. Over and over and over again. Sometimes there are new designs, but most of the time it’s just throwing them and seeing if they land in someone’s face. Nothing new is achieved. It feels Sisyphean.

But then again, so is binge-watching a season of Legend of Korra in 6 hours.