I occasionally listen to the music podcast Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio, and in so doing, last week I stumbled upon Sauna Youth. Specifically their song “Transmitters.” It’s been stuck on infinite loop almost all week. They’re a neo-post-punk band from London. Their sound is loud and edgy, but also catchy like pop. Rad rad stuff. They’re clearly influenced by a wide range of areas, from punk to philosopher (their song “Abstract Notions” features the lyric “abstract notions have no place in pure thought,” which I assume is an allusion to Hegel; “Transmitters” has the lyric “I want my thoughts etched into plastic; hear my voice on an endless loop”). So it’s cool stuff. I stumbled upon a live set from a show in France that they did recently and it was really great. CHECK IT OUT!

Fave tracks: “Transmitters,” “New Fear,” “Creeping.”



I would’ve watched a bunch of films that were expiring from Netflix at the turn of the month, but the router at my apartment broke, my landlords said I needed to buy a new one, I did, but they still haven’t gotten around to installing it (HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAH! GET ME OUT OF HERE! WHY AM I HERE*?!?)

So in lieu of that I went out and LIVED LIFE. But I also watched The Motorcycle Diaries (Salles, 2002) because I had that downloaded and saved on my computer. Twas a fun movie and it really made me yearn for a female road movie that doesn’t end in co-suicide** . It also got me more interested in Che Guevara. I think I’ll try and pick up his writings and see what the big fuss is all about. Also, he was executed by the CIA. Why?!? I get they didn’t like what he was trying to do, but does that warrant murder? Man, sometimes I’m just disgusted by the U.S.



Too lazy to read. No but actually I’ve just been working on other projects lately. Typing up scripts. Trying to catch up on some online courses I’ve signed up for. Getting organized for the start of my Identity podcast. I’m till reading Orlando, just very slowly.


*Taiwan. Not the world in general. I would like to be somewhere where I can speak to my landlord.

**I know that there are more female road movies than Thelma and Louise, but I can’t think of any right now so if you can add some in the comments, that’d be great.