I’ve been waking up easily recently. Like, waking up in what feels like REM. So I’m remembering my dreams almost every night. I also will wake up, go back to sleep, dream a bit, wake up a bit later, go back to sleep, having another dream, wake up, go back to sleep. It’s a mess and I’m tired, but at least there are dreams. Here are a few from this week:


I dreamt I went back in time to 1994. I was in Kurt Cobain’s house the day he committed suicide. He looked not well, and so I asked him, “Hey, do you want to go see a movie with me?” And he was like, “Yeah.” So we went and saw a movie. And then he didn’t kill himself. I woke up.


I was walking around a construction site. It kind of reminded me of the new arena they’re trying to build in Taipei for the 2017 Universiade. But the construction was insanely high. I just thought I’d be looking around, but then it turns out I had to work. And two of my students joined me. I was afraid of the height, but one of them was like, “Oh, don’t worry!”

After our work was over I wanted to get back to what I was doing before I went to the construction site, but I had to go through a garden / miniature golf course where a goose was being very possessive. I woke up without escaping the garden.


I was in college, at a legal-like hearing for a student. The hearing was in a large building with this huge atrium. Spectators were sitting at tables or watching from the several floors of the large building. The student “on trial” was sitting alone at one table near the door to the building. There was no one overseeing the proceedings, it’s almost like he was just speaking to everyone who was listening. He had sexually assaulted my friend (in the dream she was my friend, but in real life I don’t know who that person was) and his punishment had been that he couldn’t do any extracurricular activities at the school. But at the hearing, he was now asking if he could join clubs or sports teams again.

I seemed to be the only one vocal about how this was no okay. Everyone else just watched. There was no one in charge to say “yes” or “no” to his request, so I assume I thought that meant he would be able to join student groups again, so I got angry. I physically tried to beat him up but he overpowered me then left.

Later I saw his parents and I told them that their son was a horrible person and they denied everything. I ripped his mother’s jacket off.

Like in all dreams, nothing resolved, but everything dissolved away and I was transported to having a chat with my friend’s dad (my real life friend’s dad). He asked me what I’d be doing once I got back to the U.S. and I said I wasn’t sure, that I just wanted to take some time to think. He was concerned. He added some numbers in a calculator application on a desktop computer. At first I thought the numbers said: $115,000. And he said “this is what you can expect to make in the U.S. on minimum wage.” I thought: GREAT! But then I realized I miss read the decimal as a comma and somehow added an extra zero. $115A month? I started to feel nauseated. I woke up.