You’re trapped on a train. For eternity. And you’re constantly re-living your iPhone battery running out. Over and over. Forever.



This is the final* installation of my 2015 audio project (only 3+ months late!). I told three friends to send me 5 minutes of random audio and I would turn it into some creative audio piece. Like recycling, but for pointless audio! The first thing I made was a post-apocalyptic radio weather update (WBBB: Traffic and Weather on the 8s). The second was a song dedicated to those of us who decided not to go to med school (F*C* MED SCHOOL).

This piece (On a Train) is actually composed of the first random audio I received. Sing Sing sent me videos that I then extracted the audio from: friends at a party, friends laughing in a car, a NJ transit train that was stalled. Even though I received all these clips early in 2015, I honestly had no idea what to do with them until November when I suddenly got the idea to do a Groundhog’s Day-like, stuck on a train thing. I had recorded gnarly train sounds (the sound of the yellow line MRT from Zhongxiao Xinsheng to Dongmen) before I even had the idea because I loved the sound so much and wanted to incorporate it into something. So I saw this as a good opportunity to do that.

Pardon my bad acting. I just laid out the idea of what I wanted to have the main character say during the three segments of the piece and ad-libbed the dialogue, then went in and filled in the background train chatter and phone sound effects.

Overall I’m not incredibly happy with it, as it runs longer than I think people have the attention span for given my poor acting and the shaky narrative premise. However, I don’t care because this is the best I could make it, so I’m proud of that. I’m proud that I finished an idea I had. It started in my head and now it exists in the world. That is an accomplishment in itself.

And I’m moving on to editing the first few episodes of my Identity podcast and I would like to get this project off my shelf. So: mission accomplished.

I hope you enjoyed it.


*A fourth friend sent me audio that I’ve written script for, but it requires me recording some sounds at Princeton University, which I currently don’t have access to. But I would like to complete it when I feel I can do a proper job of it.