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April 2016

Listen, Watch, Read: April 17th, 2016


Seeing as this week I read Carrie Brownstein‘s Hunger Makes Me A Modern Girl, I’ve been listening to a lot of Sleater-Kinney. I’ve already mentioned Sleater-Kinney in my Listen, Watch, Read series, but I feel I must mention it again. I truly believe there has never been a band like Sleater-Kinney before there existence, nor has there been one since their creation. They stand alone.

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At times i wonder if I could make a life here in Taiwan. If I’m missing out on some grand opportunity by moving home. If maybe I should just move to Taipei and try and five head first into the creative scene. Maybe. Maybe it would work. But maybe not. It feels like it wouldn’t. Like screwing in a Philips head screw with a flathead driver. Some difficulty. Some crunch. Not ideal. But I also wonder if any place really is ideal for me.

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Like Herding Cats

I don’t like my job. Depending on the day, I either don’t like it or I hate it. Today I don’t like it because I’m trying to be optimistic.

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Listen, Watch, Read: April 3rd, 2016


I didn’t really listen to anything new or noteworthy last week. Although I did have a 48-hour period of time during which I couldn’t get Tom Tom Club’s “Genius of Love” out of my head. SO CATCHY. I also learned the guitar riff, that’s how obsessed I was.

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Listen, Watch, Read: March 27th, 2016


I recently applied to a radio journalism internship at KALW in San Francisco. Interns work on developing their audio reporting skills while working with the experienced staff at Crosscurrents, one of the news magazines of the station. So to familiarize myself with the organization, I subscribed to the Crosscurrents podcast. It’s pretty rad. I like that it’s local.

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Identity Podcast Update

Five interviews in the can. One interview rough cut. Two interview narratives sketched out, two still to be drafted. Two interviews next weekend. One interview the weekend after that. Five more individuals who have expressed interest in being interviewed but we haven’t put anything in the books yet.

Screen Shot 2016-04-02 at 1.49.53 PM

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