Five interviews in the can. One interview rough cut. Two interview narratives sketched out, two still to be drafted. Two interviews next weekend. One interview the weekend after that. Five more individuals who have expressed interest in being interviewed but we haven’t put anything in the books yet.

Screen Shot 2016-04-02 at 1.49.53 PM

I feel incredibly busy.

I was talking to a fourth grade student of mine and I asked her if she liked going to school and she said “no.” I agree with her. I don’t like going to school either. I wish I could stay home and edit. I wish this podcast were my job. Or if my job were part time and I could do this with the rest of my time instead of coming home from work and feeling like I only have a few hours before I should go to sleep and spending those hours too tired to want to do anything but watch television. I have to remind myself that Michael Crichton wrote The Andromeda Strain while studying at Harvard Medical School.

I feel incredibly busy. (And then I remember I have to do taxes…*)

I usually post on APE AND TACO about something I’ve listened to, something I’ve watched, and something I’ve read the past week. But I’ve been so consumed by other things that last week I didn’t listen to or watch anything new and I still haven’t finished the NPR audio reporting book. I did apply to an radio journalism internship a friend told me about, so that’s something. Still. It feels like not enough.

I wish I had a long weekend. This weekend is a long weekend. I don’t have to work on Monday or Tuesday. I maybe should’ve planned to just stay in Keelung/Taipei and work on this podcast. But I made plans to go down south to see Pingtung with friends. I think this is a good choice. Rest and relax and not worry about things I can’t do. Because Lord knows if I had stayed in Keelung/Taipei, I would’ve filled my weekend with plenty of other activities and probably not accomplished as much with the podcast as I would’ve wanted to.

I feel incredibly busy all the time. (But I think I’m trying to learn that it’s okay for things to take time.)

I was talking to a friend about how waiting is difficult for me. I am impatient. I just want things to happen.It’s like I’m moving through molasses with this podcast, but it’s better to be moving than to be immobile, right?

It will fill your ears soon enough.


*Luckily I have a friend helping me with this, but still. Straws on camels’ backs.