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May 2016

Listen, Watch, Read: May 22nd, 2016


I’ve pretty much been binge-watching TV all week, so I didn’t really listen to anything new or novel. However I did get really into this one song by The Books: “A Cold Freezing Night”.

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Listen, Watch, Read: May 15th, 2016


Have you ever been listening to music and thought you heard one song, but it was really another? I was listened to my Spotify Discovery playlist AGAIN and began hearing a song. Immediately I thought: oh, this is “Not Wrong” by Penny Machine, an Oakland band that shortly disbanded after their 2014 self-titled release. JUST KIDDING. It was actually Flux of Pink Indians, a UK band from the 80s. The song – “Tube Disaster” – is from the 1982 album Strive to Survive Causing Least Suffering Possible. I swear, the bass work on “Tube Disaster” feels so much like the bass work on the entire s/t album from Penny Machine.

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Listen, Watch, Read: May 8th, 2016


I stumbled upon an show called Strange Babes, a DJ trio in Portland. I heard of this episode – “We Could Be Heroes” – because they had special guest star Janet Weiss (of Sleater-Kinney).

Anyway, it was thoroughly enjoyable because they played a wide variety of really cool stuff. The first third of the 2-hour long program was some old school stuff from the 60s/70s/80s. A lot of soul stuff. Sister Nancy’s “Only Woman DJ With Degree” caught my attention, as well as “Don’t Call Her No Tramp” by Betty Davis and “Think (About It)” by Lyn Collins.

Later they get into more post-punk stuff like Kleenex, Lithics, and The Breeders. Overall, it’s a really rad two hours of music you should check out.

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Progress, Failure, and Vincent Van Gogh

I want my podcast to sound good. I bought a TASCAM DR-40 to record interviews as I was reading the manual and playing around with it, I noticed a disquieting hiss on the internal mics. I worried the Amazon-purchased recorder was maybe broken? I went out and purchased an external cheapo karaoke mic. The hiss was still there. I recorded my first 10 interviews this way because I figured this was just the deal. Fix it in Adobe Audition.

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Observations on a Sunday

I just want to highlight two things that happened last Sunday involving humans and their capacity to connect.

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Listen, Watch, Read: May 1st, 2016


This past week I listened to my favorite tracks from The Coneheads, a contemporary Northwest Indiana punk band. I don’t know if I’d call them minimalist, but their songs are really short and really fast. I heard about them where I hear about most of my music that’s not found through Spotify – Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio. Jay (of DHR) mentioned that they were kind of low key band, in terms of not having a Bandcamp, or Facebook page, or Tumblr, or really any internet presence at all. This seems so rare in todays landscape where anybody can throw a band together and social media the shit out of it to try to spread it around. My copies of their releases – Canadian Cone, Conehads Live, Demo 2014, and Test Promo – were all downloaded from a link on Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio. Thus, The Coneheads have spread purely by word of mouth and fan sharing. Their musicianship and the appeal of their style of music clearly resonates with enough people that regardless of if they wanted to or not, they are well-known well outside of Northwest Indiana. Here’s a Pitchfork article from about a year ago describing, among other things, how they snubbed a chance to record with Jack White’s Third Man Records.

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Field Trippin’

A field trip must be the Taiwanese children’s version of the Kentucky Derby: a chance to wear the biggest and/or coolest and/or most ridiculous hat you own.

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Listen, Watch, Read: April 24th, 2016


Spotify’s Discover Weekly playlist – a playlist that exposes you to new music specifically tailored to your tastes – is awesome. It is a reason to get Spotify. I guess back in the day, people hung out in record stores and would talk to other people there. I imagine exchanges like this might have happened, “Oh, you like Chastity Belt? You should check out Electrelane.” Well, AIN’T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR HANGING OUT IN RECORD STORES ANYMORE. Spotify’s Discover Weekly playlist is your weekly mixtape of new music, curated by the algorithm robots that will one day take over the world.

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