This past week I listened to my favorite tracks from The Coneheads, a contemporary Northwest Indiana punk band. I don’t know if I’d call them minimalist, but their songs are really short and really fast. I heard about them where I hear about most of my music that’s not found through Spotify – Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio. Jay (of DHR) mentioned that they were kind of low key band, in terms of not having a Bandcamp, or Facebook page, or Tumblr, or really any internet presence at all. This seems so rare in todays landscape where anybody can throw a band together and social media the shit out of it to try to spread it around. My copies of their releases – Canadian Cone, Conehads Live, Demo 2014, and Test Promo – were all downloaded from a link on Dynamite Hemorrhage Radio. Thus, The Coneheads have spread purely by word of mouth and fan sharing. Their musicianship and the appeal of their style of music clearly resonates with enough people that regardless of if they wanted to or not, they are well-known well outside of Northwest Indiana. Here’s a Pitchfork article from about a year ago describing, among other things, how they snubbed a chance to record with Jack White’s Third Man Records.

I’m just fascinated by the physicality of their drummer. The tempo is so high and the beats are so tight. Watching a live show is like watching a physical competition between him and the drums.



I think a lot of people dropped out of this show when Derek died. Or when the slew of other main characters who used to be on this show died or went away, but I still watch Grey’s Anatomy and I still love it. This past week I binged several episodes of this season because I got behind after episodes returned post-winter break. I will probably never stop watching the show. Because even though ridiculous things happen and it seems like Meredith’s life will continue to be torture until the show ends, I CARE ABOUT THE CHARACTERS. That’s all that matters. I care because I like them and I thank Shonda Rhimes for that. I can also thank Shonda Rhimes for making me think I wanted to be a doctor because I enjoyed watching Grey’s. Thank god I realized I just liked stories and drama and not surgeries.



I’m currently reading Some Prefer Nettles by Jun’ichirō Tanizaki. It’s about a Japanese couple in a loveless but amicable marriage trying to divorce but not going through with it. I haven’t finished it so I can’t really elaborate on more than that. I think I haven’t riffled through it (it’s only about 200 pages) because there’s no real thrilling plot (like for example the mystery in Solaris). But I think I haven’t given up on it because it is rather easy to read. So it’s a relaxing, pick it up when you have the time kind of book.