I’ve pretty much been binge-watching TV all week, so I didn’t really listen to anything new or novel. However I did get really into this one song by The Books: “A Cold Freezing Night”.

The video is very weird, like the lyrics. But I think what attracts me to this song is how the rhythm and melody sections are switched. The guitar is in most songs the melody section, but in “A Cold Freezing Night” it sets a beat making it more like a rhythm section. Meanwhile the drums (while there’s a bass drum keeping time) take on the melody. And what cool drum fills in this track!



BINGEING EVERYTHING. This past week I finished Lady Dynamite, Love, and Top of the Lake. All VERY different, but thoroughly enjoyable.

I had never seen any Maria Bamford comedy before, but I had heard her on RISK! and seen her on Arrested Development Season 4 and enjoyed both of those things, so I thought Lady Dynamite would be a good. There were moments when I laughed out loud. It’s very weird because the beginning is very meta and then the meta elements almost entirely disappear, so that’s strange. Almost like the beginning is a “getting the shows bearings”. Overall, I really liked the tone and the three parallel timelines showing struggles with mental illness.

Love flowed so quickly. It was refreshing. Like a cold lemonade on a hot day. In fact, lemonade is the perfect example because it was refreshing but a bit sour, in a realistic way. One highlight of the show was definitely the episode where Bertie (the hilarious Australian roommate of Mickey) and Gus go on a date, both try to be super nice because that’s their personalities, and it’s so awkward until they both try to bomb the date, leading to them actually having more fun with each other.

I really liked how Season 1 of Love ended. It was a traditional romantic ending, but given the context, it was tragic. Mickey is a sex and love addict who is trying to distance herself from Gus, but doesn’t want to because she’s an addict. Gus, wanting to be loved as well, enables her. They kiss in a parking lot. It feels like a very Gratuate-esque ending. I cannot wait for Season 2.

Top of the Lake came out in 2013, so I’ve been dragging my heels. It’s a crime detective thriller created/written/directed by Jane Campion and set in a wilderness resort lake town in New Zealand. Elizabeth Moss plays a detective trying to investigate the disappearance of a pregnant 12 year old girl. It is very intense throughout and particularly the last two episodes. Even the last 10 minutes, HOLY SMOKES. I’ve watched The Killing and Twin Peaks, and this is my favorite of those three (all under the umbrella of girl missing/dead in town with lots of nefarious characters). I would definitely recommend, especially since a second season is coming some time in 2017.



Too busy watching TV. Did not read.