I had some free time today in Tokyo. My phone had no cellular data so I couldn’t waste time on the internet. I’d left my book in my hotel. I had my journal, but I couldn’t think of anything substantial to write. I had no story ideas or interesting thoughts clawing at my brain screaming to be let out in graphite on the page, just this general dullness that wanted to be assuage by doing something. Anything. 

I decided to sketch. As I’ve been writing more short screenplays I’ve been trying to draw out rudimentary story boards for them, so I want to get better at sketching. A friend of mine who’s an awesome artist in Taipei says: draw what you see. So I drew a woman that was walking down the street with her kids. Then a bike since everyone rides a bike in Japan. Then the rail symbol. Then a section of the road by the subway station. 

It was fun because I put no pressure on myself for these to be good. I just wanted to focus my mind on something and not feel bored. I think they’re pretty good for a first attempt.