I recently did a road trip – 6 hours Chicago to Cleveland; 12 hours Cleveland to Maine – and during that I listened to copious amounts of music and several episodes of This American Life, but in this weeks “Listen, Watch, Read”, I’m going to highlight Alice Isn’t Dead, which is another serial fiction podcast from Joseph Fink, creator of Welcome To Nightvale. I mention this podcast even though I finished listening to season one in early August because it is about a woman road-tripping across the country looking for her wife and then stumbling upon some weird conspiracy theory surrounding this evil “human” called the Thistle Man. It took me a while to get into this series, but after three or four episodes I was thoroughly intrigued. And the season one finale makes me thoroughly excited for season two (coming in 2017). It’s definitely a more dark tone compared to Welcome To Nightvale, so people that enjoy that podcast might not like Alice Isn’t Dead. But I think I appreciate it for the mystery aspect – WHERE IS ALICE?!? WHAT HAPPENED TO HER?!? – and the fact that at its roots its a female road narrative, which is rad. Like how many female road narratives are in the pop cultural canon? Thelma and LouiseWildCrossroads… It’s about a woman driving a truck across the country, which, as a woman who drives her car across the country, I enjoy listening to.

Also the poster art: FABULOUS.



Zero Motivation (Lavie, 2014). It’s a dramedy about IDF soldiers on a remote base in Israel. It’s like The Office meets Full Metal Jacket; comedy and drama mix surreally. I liked the structure of the film: three parts each with their own story that reaches a conclusion, but the main narrative – the relationship between two friends and their troubled relationship with their forced servitude – remains a point of tension that holds the viewer entertained until the end.

Also, realizing that I’d watched 4 films directed by women in 2 weeks, I’ve decided to participate in the #52FilmsByWomen movement and pledge to watch a film directed by a woman a week (on average). I’ve already watched 13 this year, which I know is behind the average, but I have faith that now that I have no job and nothing to do with my life, I will watch more movies as I wait to be absorbed by the abyss.



Hard to read when you’re driving, and so when you’re driving for 10 hours a day it can be hard to do much reading. BUT since I was only driving for two 10-hour days it seems cheating to use that as an excuse for a while week. In reality, upon my arrival in Maine, I kept reading my back issues of Bitch Magazine and continue to be pleasantly unsurprised by how much I learn and enjoy reading them.