So I know I said I listened to Angel Olsen last Listen, Watch, Read, but I gotta tell you, my listening of Angel Olsen (not just MY WOMAN but her entire discography) increased exponentially. Let’s look at the curve:


I don’t know why, but I just let her music ENGULF ME this past week. I think because why not? I feel somewhat like a person who jumps on bandwagons because everyone in the indie scene seems to be talking about this album. I think sometimes you’re seen as having less cred if you come to an artist late only after they’ve blown up. But in a way, I’m happy I didn’t listen to her earlier stuff. Some diehard fans might see this new album as a departure too far away from the old, but I have seen all the music at once.

Particularly this last album has such a range. It starts with a synth song that makes you feel comfortable while feeling uncomfortable and moves into tracks that sound like they could be from a pop girlband from the 60s (Shangri-las) or Fleetwood Mac. There album has a landscape, it feels as if it inhabits a physical space. As I listen to it I want to crawl inside the record and live there. I have not felt that about most albums in my life. Maybe part of this corporeal aspect comes from the fact that the album was recorded live? Or because Olsen wanted there to be range on the album. IDK. Listen to an interview with her here (parts 1 and 2 are also good). But more importantly maybe just LISTEN TO HER ALBUM(S)!



My best bud (the proper terminology for best male friend. Best female friend being “bestie”. Wait… screw that, and the gender binary…), my best bud Matt and I have started a new podcast called MATT AND E MATINEE (yes, I came up with the title) wherein we review “movies you should’ve seen already.” This week we watched Barbarella (Vadim, 1968) so that was interesting. More interesting is that I picked it, not him. I was curious about it from a film history standpoint. I mean, it’s a classic. But more of a cult classic than a critically-acclaimed one. You can hear our review (30 minutes) on the podcast when it gets going*, but suffice it to say my take on it is: it’s not as horrible as it could be, it should be watched by people interested in film history or in cheesy camp, and it’s probably best watched while high on some substance. Also Jane Fonda is hilarious in this film, but even moreso in Grace and Frankie, so maybe check that out too (BOTH ON NETFLIX!).



What are books? What are words? I’m too busy binge listening to MY WOMAN to read.

But actually, I should read the comic books I’ve acquired: Saga Vol. 1 and 2. Hopefully more on those in a later edition of…





*I know what you’re thinking, when will my OTHER PODCAST FINALLY START AIRING?! That’s what I’m asking myself, but I’m only one human! Cut me some slack, me!