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October 2016

Listen, Watch, Read: October 23rd, 2016


GOSH! is a Chicago band I heard play live at The Mill in Iowa City last Sunday. They’re a guitar (with numerous pedals), bass, and a stripped down drum kit (just floor tom and snare). I dug their slow, gritty, noise pop. As such, I’ve been listening to their self-titled 2015 release on Bandcamp a lot this week. My favorite track, and a song I would totally use in a film if I made a film wherein the content were about love: “Blows My Mind”. They have a show in Chicago on November 2nd I would TOTALLY go to, but alas, I have already bought tickets to another show that night. TOO MANY SHOWS. LIVE MUSIC YAY!

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Listen, Watch, Read: October 16th, 2016


The Units were a synth punk band in San Francisco in the late 70s, early 80s. The lead track off their first LP Digital Stimulation* – “High Pressure Days” – popped up on my Spotify Discover and I just couldn’t get it out of my head. Just the energy and aggression mixed with the poppy synth. It’s so great!

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That Time Eugene Debs Was Sentenced To Jail For 10 Years For Saying Words

So, I did not watch the debate live because I figured it would enrage me. But I saw friends post about it. One thing that caught my eye: Donald Trump insinuating that he’d send Hillary Clinton to jail if he became President. This stood out to me because it reminded me of something I saw in a history book while I was cleaning out my Dad’s basement.

“Eugene Debs denounced President Woodrow Wilson for entering World War I, Wilson* had him sentenced to ten years in prison. Debs was later pardoned by President Warren Harding, against whom he had run for office from prison.”

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Some Tracks: “Gigantic” (Pixies Cover) & “Be Those Lips”


First, the original track: I was playing my acoustic guitar a lot waiting for my amp to arrive from Taiwan via the cheapest snail mail shipping option. During one late night session just playing random stuff, I came up with this riff and thought: “I like this. Now it needs lyrics.” I dug through cool/interesting pictures I’d downloaded from the internet and found this one I’d found at the National Archives website of this woman just staring longingly at her friend smoking a joint.

Picture found here at the National Archive website.

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Listen, Watch, Read: October 9th, 2016


SPORTS is an Ohio band that first popped up on my Spotify Discover this summer. It came with a slew of other “melodic punk” (am I using this term correctly?) bands like Swearin’ (based in NYC, but totally channeling their midwestern roots) and All Dogs (like SPORTS also from Ohio and also formed in 2012)*. Anyway, this week I listened to their only LP on Spotify: All of Something. The music seems perfect for the late summer, early fall period when you’re driving around in the crisp air and things are turning orange. A thumping drum and bass section provides the fast-paced beat overwhich guitars explode some delicious, clean licks. My favorite track is the poppy “Saturday“, but another fave includes “Town“. They have some shows coming up so you should check them out if you’re into it!

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The Examined Life: The Intersection Between Medicine and the Arts

The Examined Life Conference, but on by the University of Iowa’s Carver College of Medicine, was the second medical conference I’d been to in three weeks (the first being a gender bias symposium at Rosalind Franklin University of Health Sciences) and it was AMAZING. It was a three-day affair but I wish it could’ve gone on for a week. The workshops, panels, and speakers touched on a wide range of humanities in medicine. There were discussions around narrative medicine in patient care, there were panels about publishing for clinician authors, there were readings from works by clinicians and patients (and people who are both!). I could write/speak for hours about this wonderful conference, but I’m going to try and be brief, pulling a sentiment or two from each of the events I went to.

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Rosalind Franklin University’s Symposium on Gender Bias in Medicine

I was almost persuaded into going to medical school by my family members, three of whom are medical professions*. Instead, I just get the perks of knowing some things about medicine and being able to attend conferences about medicine with them. Over the past few weeks I’ve attended two: one on gender bias in medicine (both in the professional realm and patient care realm), and one (University of Iowa’s The Examined Life Conference) on the intersection between medicine and the arts

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Live Music at Thalia Hall: Swimsuit Addition, Dude York, Tacocat, Angel Olsen

One of the things I found myself craving while in Taiwan was live music. I went to a few shows, but the music was from bands I wasn’t familiar with singing in mostly all Mandarin lyrics. So one of the perks of being back in Chicago was being able to see bands I listen to regularly.

Swimsuit Addition.
Dude York.

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Elimination Diet: Or, Why Am I Doing This?

I heard about the elimination diet from my grandmother Karen who has several food allergies/insensitivities. The elimination diet is when you exclude pretty much every type of food (except for veggies, fruits, rice, sweet potatoes, millet, quinoa, spices, herbal teas, and unprocessed meats [replace with beans if vegetarian]) for three weeks, then add these food types one by one slowly to see if any symptoms (headaches, skin rashes, digestion problems). She mentioned it in the summer of 2013 and I’d been thinking of doing it ever since.

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