MUSIC. MUSIC. MUSIC. ALL THE TIME. Mostly the super jumbo playlist songs found on Spotify Discover that I like. So I guess this a plug for Spotify Discover playlists, not any one artist or album!


Finished Season 3 of Transparent (via Amazon Video), Season 2 of Steven Universe (not all of Season 2, but the amount that’s on Hulu) and started bingewatching The Americans (via Amazon Video). All shows are thoroughly enjoyable for different reasons. Steven Universe is just the cutest thing. It’s a show I wish I could’ve watched as a child before it deals with such real issues and really teaches a lesson (about stating your feelings, about forgiveness, about love) in each episode. Like, what did I watch as a kid? Nothing this impactful, in my opinion. This season of Transparent did not seem as entertaining to me, however I think that’s partly because Carrie Brownstein’s Syd is no longer in the show. However I still enjoyed it. But am kind of not sure how many seasons they can do of this show when the major plot points (at least with regards to the kids) constantly repeat themselves: one of the kids (Josh, Sarah, or Ali) has a good thing going and then f*cks it up because they’re not quite right mentally. Lastly, The Americans Season 1. It’s freaking great. Edge of my seat every episode. Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys KILL IT as undercover Soviet spies. I know this show is super old (started in 2013, but it’s still going!) and most people have already seen it before, but if, like me, you haven’t, check it out. My sister – who only watches cartoons – is hooked on this show. Bonus if you like 80s period pieces (I see you Stranger Things fans…).



Read Rat Queens Vol. 1, an Image Comics release by Kurtis Weibe (script) and Roc Upchurch (art). I bought the physical copy after hearing about it in the Bitch Media podcast Backtalk. It’s quite fun. The Rat Queens are a group of questing adventures made up of “Hannah the Rockabilly Elven Mage, Violet the Hipster Dwarven Fighter, Dee the Atheist Human Cleric and Betty the Hippy Smidgen Thief” so already that description should intrigue you into wanting to know more. It’s also rather funny and self-aware of a lot tropes, which makes it more funny in my opinion. I can’t wait to pick up volumes 2 and 3!