First, the original track: I was playing my acoustic guitar a lot waiting for my amp to arrive from Taiwan via the cheapest snail mail shipping option. During one late night session just playing random stuff, I came up with this riff and thought: “I like this. Now it needs lyrics.” I dug through cool/interesting pictures I’d downloaded from the internet and found this one I’d found at the National Archives website of this woman just staring longingly at her friend smoking a joint.

Picture found here at the National Archive website.

It’s like she just really wants a hit. But it reminded me of the first time I tried marijuana in the woods and was freaking out about how we were going to get caught. So I wrote the below lyrics:

I wish, I could be those lips / On the joint you smoke / Take a big puff and blow it / Out again, into the wind / On Lake Michigan* / It’s a crime and I’m high and I’m / Worrying, it’s against the law / What if cops saw? / My whole future is gone and I’m / Wondering, how can you be / So carefree? / My anxiety’s taking hold of me / My anxiety’s taking hold of me / My anxiety’s taking hold of me.


The second track is a rough, sped-up cover of the Pixies’ song “Gigantic” from Surfer Rosa. While I was playing my acoustic guitar a lot, I wanted to learn it but the verses have no guitar really, just bass, so I created a little fingerpicking action that I think captures the sweetness of the verses’ lyrics (which you can find here).

I’m not keen on my singing, thus the fuzzy vocal filter. But oh well; no one is perfect. My sister said both songs sound similar, and that’s possibly because when I wrote “Be Those Lips” I had been playing “Gigantic” a lot. What do you think? Do you hear the similarity there? Comment below! Also do you want to be in a band with me? Comment below!

*We were actually near Devil’s Lake, Wisconsin, but that’s too many syllables and doesn’t rhyme with “wind”.