So, I did not watch the debate live because I figured it would enrage me. But I saw friends post about it. One thing that caught my eye: Donald Trump insinuating that he’d send Hillary Clinton to jail if he became President. This stood out to me because it reminded me of something I saw in a history book while I was cleaning out my Dad’s basement.

“Eugene Debs denounced President Woodrow Wilson for entering World War I, Wilson* had him sentenced to ten years in prison. Debs was later pardoned by President Warren Harding, against whom he had run for office from prison.”

I read this and thought: how can this be? A lot of people think America is a f**ked up place, and I agree, but it used to be much more f**ked up. Eugene Debs gave a speech praising socialism and preaching dissatisfaction with the American government. This violated the Sedition Act of 1918 and he was thrown in prison. For speaking badly against the government. Could you imagine that today? I can’t.

Although I guess we kind of do. I mean, Edward Snowden, were he back in the States, would definitely be in prison. I think this just reminds me of that meme:



*Full disclosure, Wilson is one of my least favorite presidents, along with Andrew Jackson and Andrew Johnson.