I haven’t posted in a while because I’ve been traveling and had other priorities, but I’ve been thinking I want to post something, so why not post some of the music tracks I recorded while I was in Taiwan!

“Better The Devil You Know” was legit written on the road to Manila¬†and then recorded days after I returned to Taiwan from my vacation in the Philippines. I was traveling there and for some reason it made me really want to be back in the U.S. even though it’s obvious the United States is not the great place some people believe it is. But, as the saying goes: better the devil you know.

“No Friends (Besides Mormons)” was the first song I wrote at a time when I was still finding my way in Taiwan. As the song goes, I pretty much had no friends besides the super nice Mormons who I hung out with every Sunday!

I hope you enjoyed these tracks! Feel free to share them or download them from archive.org!