The absurdity of my life is not lost on me. I find myself in these places and I kind of just laugh at how they seem to not predict each other. Like, if an algorithm were trying to forecast my life, I think it would be unable.

I’m in a room full of independent consultants for a network marketing company in Beverly Hills. I’m on the side of a mountain at midnight, about to hike up a trail with 23 aspiring wildland firefighters and our instructors. I’m in an old marionette theatre in LA watching a punk rock puppet show.

I literally chuckle every time I find myself in these situations and ask: how did I get here?

I interviewed someone for my podcast and they mentioned this desire to build something with their life. When she said this, I pictured a pyramid – each block laying foundation to the next until the desired heigh has been reached. But my life doesn’t feel that way. I don’t feel like I’m building. Rather, I’m collecting. I’ve built myself as a web – a traveling web – that goes around collected these experiences and catabolizing them for energy and fulfillment and whatnot.