This was MONTHS AGO but I really liked the acts I saw and want to mention them on my blog.

I heard about the show because a band I like (and have mentioned on this blog before!) NOTS was playing. When I saw the show announcement, I pictured the back room of Iowa City’s The Mill restaurant and bar being bustling full of college punks. In reality, it was just a handful of college and townie punks, a quarter of whom were there for the opening local band and a quarter of whom were members of the other bands. It was a very chill scene. How chill was it? NOTS’ bassist was casually just writing in a journal at the bar while the other bands played. I was with my sister, and although it was a Sunday, being someone with no job, I had several beers and got tipsy. It was a thoroughly enjoyable night and here’s a little bit about each band that played that night:


Port Authority was the local opener. They were pretty chill. They gave off a Chastity Belt-like vibe in terms of their sound (two guitars, one bass, one drum), but less sarcastic and biting lyrically compared to Chastity Belt. I was kind of enthralled with the drummer who had this intense stare the whole set. Would recommend for chilling on a fall day.


Next was Snailmate, who were hilarious. A band from Tempe, Arizona, the duo of Kalen Lander (keys and vocals) and Ariel Monet (drums and additional vocals) is “a humorous hiphop-electronica-funk fusion.” I asked the drummer to describe their sound and this response seems apt. Like Matt and Kim, but on psychedelics. The lyrics are hilarious. Also, they get a percentage of a cent for every time you stream their music on Spotify. I recommend “Worry Wart” for the lyric “you should really, get that looked at” repeated several times. Also they sold earplugs at their merch table (along with cool random screen-printed clothing items, one of which I bought!) so yay for them helping people stay safe with their ears!


After that, GOSH took the stage. I’ve also written about Gosh before – a band I first heard at this show. So just read what I already wrote about them, because that’s what I’d write here.


Lastly, NOTS hit the stage. I enjoyed their popular single “Reactor” and their cover “Tvod“. I think I’m just in awe of most drummers in general, but NOTS songs are so fast-paced that I’m like “how do you drum that fast?” After the show, I actually asked the dummer “how do you drum that fast for forty-five minutes?” because: 1) chill show with very few people means you can mix and mingle with the bands, and 2) kind tipsy. The response: let your pedal lead the way; the arms will follow the speed of the foot. So that’s nice. If only my foot could drum fast without spazzing out off tempo. Practice makes perfect I guess.

Regardless, it was a thoroughly entertaining night. If I were still in Iowa City, I would totally hit up The Mill and its live music almost every week! Bartender Jeremiah is the best!