Vivian Girls. I’d heard of them before but never really listened to their stuff. Their name comes from a novel written reclusive custodian/artist Henry Darger. Their sound makes me think of: if three Salem witches had been given a guitar, bass, and drums, some effects pedals, and huge amps and told to thrash and then they escaped burning at the stake because their music time traveled them to the 2000s. Maybe that’s because of songs like “Sixteen Ways.” (Other creepy-tinged songs include “I Heard You Say” and “My Baby Wants Me Dead”).

Guitarist Cassie Ramone really digs the high end. Maybe a little too much for my tastes (I went to watch her Christmas show at the Bob Baker Marionette Theatre. I forgot my earplugs and asked the ticket-taker if they sold any. “No, but don’t worry, it won’t get that loud.” Opener Colleen Green was great and sounded just fine in the small theatre with red velvet walls. Then Cassie started playing and some people legit walked out because the sound was so grating against the ear drums.).

Regardless, I dig their sound and listened to it on repeat while reading this week’s reading feature On A Sunbean. My favorite song of theirs is “When I’m Gone” because of the rhythm section.



Tu Dors Nicole (Lafleur, 2014) is a Québécois film about a woman in the summer post college graduation. Translating as It’s about disillusionment and aimlessness and I really enjoyed it. I think it’s not for everyone but it is definitely a film for me. For one, the black and white cinematography is gorgeous. Two, the score is diegetic, coming from the main character Nicole’s brother’s band. Third, it reminded me of the eerieness of Alex Garland’s The Coma or Donnie Darko. Not a lot happens in the film but that doesn’t bother me because the aesthetic is so agreeable (to me at least). It’s surreal. It’s ephemeral. It’s cool. Check it out.



On A Sunbeam is a webcomic that is AWESOME. I’m not sure how I found this webcomic (perhaps some Bitch Magazine article that intrigued me enough to open the webcomic in Safari but then leave it in a tab that I promptly forgot about until months later), but the other day I went through trying to read all my tabs and VOILA, I began reading the best damn webcomic I’ve ever read (this isn’t saying a lot because I haven’t read that many webcomics, but I have read enough to know when something is good/bad/inbetween and On A Sunbeam is good).

It’s gorgeously illustrated and written (entirely by Tillie Walden). It follows two storyline which converge: a girl who is an outcast at boarding school and, five years later, is a part of a interstellar refurbishing crew. Some things in this world are so random (like spaceships are fish), but that doesn’t really keep you from enjoying the characters. Several times I laughed out loud. Other times I wanted to cry it was so sad. There are only 3 more chapters before the conclusion, so binge today!