ars Paradoxica is an autofiction podcast that’s pretty fun. It’s about an American quantum physicist in the 21st century who builds a device that accidentally transports her back in time to WWII. She’s taken by the American government and sent to work on her time device as part of the war effort. At times it’s kind of hokey and feels more like an old-timey radio drama than some of the other audiofiction podcasts I listen to, but the writing invested me early on in the journey of the main character (Dr. Sally Grissolm), so I’m in!



I started binge-watching Black Sails. Bad idea as it was all I wanted to do last week. I watched all 28 episodes (3 seasons) available on Hulu. It’s “a prequel to Treasure Island” so it’s about pirates (e.g., the making of Long John Silver), prostitutes, lords, and merchants in early 18th century Nassau, Bahamas (or as they were called then The Providence Islands). I can’t tell if it’s good or if I was just addicted to it, you know? Sometimes a show will draw you in and you can’t actually discern if that’s because the show is good or if it pulls just the right strings to hook you. So I don’t feel comfortable saying this show is amazing, everyone should watch it, but you should watch it and see if you get hooked.

I think it probably is a good show. It’s beautifully shot. As someone who doesn’t like too much action in movies, this show, despite having lots of action, doesn’t go overboard (see that pun there?), the action serves the purposes of the plot well. And most importantly, the characters are well done. No one is simply a villain; they all have complexities. A few times there are some off beats that seem out of place, but those problems don’t linger. Also, the main pirate character (Captain Flint) is Maggie Smith’s son! WHAT?!? Season 4 (the final season of the show) is almost over to premo time to start bingeing.



Bitch magazine’s Spring 2017 edition. Bitch magazine is my favorite quarterly that I think you should definitely be reading. If you don’t want to subscribe, I get it. But you can still check out their awesome articles online. In this Spring issue, several pieces really spoke to me. One was on Chilean embroiderers (called Colectivo Memorarte) who stitch scenes of the past (like historical injustices and people’s triumphs) and present (everyday life). The practice started during the Pinochet dictatorship as a form of history keeping during harsh censorship. Read the article to learn more! And subscribe to the magazine to get even more cool articles!