I don’t even want to acknowledge the existence of this podcast, but here goes: Rabbits. It’s by the people who made podcasts for Pacific Northwest Stories, but this new iteration is called Public Radio Alliance for some reason. I honestly have no idea. The Black Tapes, Tanis, and now Rabbits all fall under the list of audio fiction I hate-listen to. You know the expression hate-watch, which is used to describe a show you watch just so you can shit on it. This is how I feel about these podcasts. I know that sounds mean, and I’ll explain why. They’re so gimmicky. Like, there are aspects to the writing and production that are. The style of the show is like investigative podcasting a la serial and they pretend that it’s all real (which is what a lot of audio fiction podcasts do) but there’s something about the way it’s written (perhaps all the rhetorical questions that have answers but the hosts aren’t willing to actually try and produce an answer because that would mean losing some mystery to the show). IDK. All I know it I’m an audio fiction addict and so I will continue to listen when the well of other audio fiction runs dry.

Rabbits (such a dumb name!) is about a radio journalist whose best friend goes missing after she starts playing this mysterious and ancient game known as The Game, but also known as Rabbits. The purpose of the show is to try to find the friend and also figure out more about Rabbits, a game that maybe causes people to go crazy and be abducted/die. So yeah, definitely something a normal human being would want to investigate.

Should you listen to this podcast? I honestly don’t know. Do you have long drives you have to go on and no other sources of entertainment. Do you have long drives that you could instead just take off short cliffs? (That was harsh. This podcast is not so bad as to inspire you to kill yourself, although I’m sure they’d made a podcast about it with some clueless host trying to discover what about the mysterious podcast would make someone want to kill themself.)



Grace and Frankie season 3 came out and if you haven’t watched it yet I have no idea what you’re doing with your life. It continues to amaze me (which it shouldn’t and this just shows how ageist our society it) how hilarious this show is. I mean, Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin killed it in 9 to 5 so why should their antics 40 years later be any different? They’re characters form a perfect odd couple and I think the show, especially in this third season more than any others, says a lot about female friends and the female potential late in life. I love it. It makes me not afraid to grow old.



Not in a reading mood so did not really read anything.