The Bright Sessions. I think I mentioned ars Paradoxica in an earlier blog post. Well I actually started listening to The Bright Sessions before ars Paradoxica. The two podcasts are produced by the same group of artists and there was a brief cross-over episode of ars Paradoxica that involved a Bright Sessions character. Anyway, the Bright Sessions is just as good as ars Paradoxica, albeit slightly different. In ars Paradoxica, settings change and there’s a large cast of characters from the get go. The Bright Sessions started off rather small feeling but has since grown. It’s about a psychologist who provides therapy for the “strange and unusual,” a euphemism for people who have powers, like time-travel and mind-reading. The writing and acting on the show are very well done. Very quickly, I became attached to these characters, even the less righteous ones. I would highly recommend to any audio fiction lovers out there.


Somehow stumbled across this Australian TV show called Dreamland (Utopia in Australia) and I LOVE IT. The easiest way I can describe it is like Veep meets The Office but Australian. It’s about a team of workers in the NBA (Nation Building Authority often mislabeled as Nation Building Australia and I always laugh every time that recurring joke comes up) and the incompetency surrounding nation building work. The head of the group, Tony, clearly wants to accomplish something. His second in command Nat also has a reasonable head on her shoulders and is very driven to complete the work. Unfortunately everyone they’re surrounded by has varying degrees of incompetency. The most frustrating characters are the ones who don’t work in the office but consult on things like image and publicity launches. You can tell the whole show is poking fun at government agencies that have these lofty goals but are unwilling to put in the hard work to make them happen. All talk, no show. I’d said the only thing this series is lacking is Julie-Louis Dreyfus. Other than that, it’s spot on.

Also, Australian accents. What more could you need?



Didn’t really read anything that week. It was a binge-watching TV kinda week if you know what I mean. Not too keen on reading words.