I know I usually always mention all- or majority-female bands, because those are pretty much the only bands I listen to, but this week I started listening to Meatbodies after they popped up on my Spotify Daily Mix. It’s pretty rad stuff. Reminds me of Wolfmother among other things. Just real solid guitar rock. Check out their most recent appearance on KEXP.

(I’m also really digging Angel Olsen’s cover of The Motels “Total Control” on KEXP. Hope she plays it at Pitchfork 2017.)


I started re-watching episodes of Portlandia on Netflix to help me go to sleep and it’s reminded me how hilarious that show is. Not all the acts land, but overall it’s stood up really well. They’ve started writing season 8, but I’ve yet to see all of season 7 (no IFC subscription) and thus will have to wait for a release on Netflix. I’m trying to pick my favorite season, and I’m not sure I can.


I went to an illustrators show at the Emporium in Chicago Tuesday night and picked up a lot of cool prints and two comics from Andrea Bell, an illustrator and comic artist, Fair Voyage and Rose From The Dead. She described the former as an adventure with two female protagonists and the latter as a girl saves boy story, so obviously I was sold! I read Rose From The Dead this week and it was a cute little inventive story with gorgeous artwork. Going to read Fair Voyage next!