Deerhunter is a band I first heard of in college from Star Slinger remix of their hit “Helicopter.” I digged the song back then, but didn’t really listen to much more than that. The track “Never Stops” came on my Spotify Daily Mix and reminded me of Deerhunter. I spent a whole day bingeing their discography and it’s great stuff. They’re accurately described as psychedelic garage indie, which is an amazing genre. Add in the fact that Bradford Cox, frontman and main songwriter, seems like an awesome weirdo (who was in Dallas Buyers Club!).



Some things were expiring from Netflix, so I watched them before they left (but secretly It Follows never left… what’s up with that?).

Once Upon A Time In The West (Leone, 1968) is a classic that Tarantino has quoted as one of his influences so I figured I should watch it. My friend Matt and I reviewed it for our podcast, so I’ll just summarize my thoughts here. The music – from Ennio Morricone – is on point. Visually it’s very pleasing. Each frame in the film could be it’s own beautiful photograph. But too much of the film is men dramatically staring at each other. You can’t make a 3-hour film of men dramatically staring at each other for today’s audience. I’m glad I watched this film (to watch it and see the things Tarantino ripped for his own films, like shot where Shoshana runs away in the opening sequence of Inglourious Basterds) but I’ll probably never watch this film again unless Tarantino invites me to a personal screening of his 70mm print.

It Follows (Mitchell, 2015) is a horror film that got a lot of press when it was released. I’m not usually into horror, but since I’d heard it was different and unique I gave it a shot. It’s not bad, and the premise is definitely interesting. A mysterious presence stalks people via walking, only one person, the last person to have slept with the previous person. So it’s like a game of hot potato where you’re constantly trying to pass the potato (a presence stalking you and trying to kill you) but you pass the potato by having sex with people. It’s a creepy film that employs some subtle, subconscious tactics to be creepy. An interesting thing about it that I discovered reading some reviews is how the monster isn’t a metaphor for STDs but sexual assault, which I find very interesting especially in a cultural landscape that has very limited representations of sexual assault and survivorship.

(I randomly found an article where Tarantino talks about his quibble’s with It Follows. Check it out after you’ve already watched It Follows, because spoilers.)


Nothing. Again I’ve been digesting media in other forms, although I’d like to read more things. For example, I’ve dropped off on my comic book consumption. I should hit those Image Comics up again: Paper Girls, Ody-C, Bitch Planet, etc.