I have a lot of thoughts, so I thought I’d share them in the form of this blog. My ideas are about random things, but can loosely be collected into some major themes: travel, film, science. Therefore those are the types of pages I have set up in this wonderful blog.

You may be wondering, what’s this title all about? Ape and Taco sounds like some f**ked up fast food place in a rundown strip mall in LA. To my knowledge, there is no such fast food restaurant. The title comes from the botched pronunciation of my last name. I have a pretty weird last name. The correct pronunciation is “OP ANN TAH KOO.” Most people get pretty close to that, but the most ridiculous pronunciation I’ve ever heard was “APE AND TACO.” Ape and Taco has become a sort of unofficial nicklastname that encompasses my feelings about life: apes, tacos, ands…