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Short sketches intended for the screen, stage, places that are not just my mind…

Listen, Watch, Read: January 17th, 2016


Back on the WTF with Marc Maron grind, I back-to-back listened to his interviews with Lynn Shelton and Todd Haynes, two independent film directors. Both were cool and I would encourage anyone interested in film to check them out. Lynn Shelton’s films include Humpday (2009), Touchy Feely (2013), and Your Sister’s Sister (2011). Full disclosure, I’ve seen known of her films, but many are on my “To-watch” list and I guarantee you I’m bumping them up after listening to her chat with Maron. I think the thing I liked most about her interview was when she mentioned how her initial pre-pubescent creativity faded (not necessarily faded, rather went into hiding due to self-consciousness) and it took a lot to eventually get back into it with confidence. She wrote poetry, did photography, then started getting into avant-guarde film. And only later in life did she get into directing narrative features. That gives me hope that it’s never to late to start a new venture. I’ve been thinking a lot about what will I do next after I leave Taiwan and how all the things I’d like to do I have no real formal training in. I think it’s nice to know that with true passion, you can pursue anything.

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A Quantum Comedy

Written freshmen year (Winter 2010/2011), here’s a short comedic play about the intersection of college behavior and quantum particles. Read it for laughs and/or a better understanding of quantum mechanics through easily understandable, probably inaccurate examples. It won second place in the Science Playwriting Competition at Princeton University.

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Consent Sells

This short sketch mentions rape and uses the F-word frequently, so do not read ahead if you anticipate either of those things bothering you.

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