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Live in Chicago: AJJ, Joyce Manor, Priests

Saw two concerts recently and thought I should write about them since this blog is probably 75% music commentary at this point.

My friend Matt told me about this Joyce Manor show he was going to and I thought: why not?!?*

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Pointless Thoughts

A couple days ago I wasn’t feeling so great. A friend told me to do something that is “me.” So I wrote a song smashing up some chords I’d been playing around with lately and scribblings in my journal over the past few weeks. This is that song, recorded on my iPone. WARNING: I don’t know how to write songs with hooks and bridges and whatever. It’s not even verse chorus verse, it’s just verse verse verse. Lyrics below.

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Live in Chicago: Screaming Females, Mitski, Jeff Rosenstock

It feels like DECADES ago I saw these shows, but since I still think about them often, I thought I’d write up a little bit about these three shows I went to in the first week of November. Oh how things were so different then…

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Sunday Night Live: Music at The Mill

This was MONTHS AGO but I really liked the acts I saw and want to mention them on my blog.

I heard about the show because a band I like (and have mentioned on this blog before!) NOTS was playing. When I saw the show announcement, I pictured the back room of Iowa City’s The Mill restaurant and bar being bustling full of college punks. In reality, it was just a handful of college and townie punks, a quarter of whom were there for the opening local band and a quarter of whom were members of the other bands. It was a very chill scene. How chill was it? NOTS’ bassist was casually just writing in a journal at the bar while the other bands played. I was with my sister, and although it was a Sunday, being someone with no job, I had several beers and got tipsy. It was a thoroughly enjoyable night and here’s a little bit about each band that played that night:

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I haven’t posted in a while because I’ve been traveling and had other priorities, but I’ve been thinking I want to post something, so why not post some of the music tracks I recorded while I was in Taiwan!

“Better The Devil You Know” was legit written on the road to Manila and then recorded days after I returned to Taiwan from my vacation in the Philippines. I was traveling there and for some reason it made me really want to be back in the U.S. even though it’s obvious the United States is not the great place some people believe it is. But, as the saying goes: better the devil you know.

“No Friends (Besides Mormons)” was the first song I wrote at a time when I was still finding my way in Taiwan. As the song goes, I pretty much had no friends besides the super nice Mormons who I hung out with every Sunday!

I hope you enjoyed these tracks! Feel free to share them or download them from!

Some Tracks: “Gigantic” (Pixies Cover) & “Be Those Lips”


First, the original track: I was playing my acoustic guitar a lot waiting for my amp to arrive from Taiwan via the cheapest snail mail shipping option. During one late night session just playing random stuff, I came up with this riff and thought: “I like this. Now it needs lyrics.” I dug through cool/interesting pictures I’d downloaded from the internet and found this one I’d found at the National Archives website of this woman just staring longingly at her friend smoking a joint.

Picture found here at the National Archive website.

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Identity Podcast Update

Five interviews in the can. One interview rough cut. Two interview narratives sketched out, two still to be drafted. Two interviews next weekend. One interview the weekend after that. Five more individuals who have expressed interest in being interviewed but we haven’t put anything in the books yet.

Screen Shot 2016-04-02 at 1.49.53 PM

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On a Train

You’re trapped on a train. For eternity. And you’re constantly re-living your iPhone battery running out. Over and over. Forever.


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A Taiwanese Child’s Message to Obama

I was bored in class and the kids were doing a very simple worksheet, so I decided to play around with the new recorder I bought and ask them some questions. Thus producing this short clip of audio.

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