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Soundscapes, audio reports, audio fiction…

On a Train

You’re trapped on a train. For eternity. And you’re constantly re-living your iPhone battery running out. Over and over. Forever.


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Electric Ace

A friend from college did this thing in 2015. He made three musical tracks for three friends*. I was one of those friends and as such he made me this wonderful track. A year ago, when he asked what type of song I wanted, I said something high tempo, like a pump up track. I hadn’t heard anything from him in a while, so I figured he’d gotten busy with grad school stuff, but then on January 1st this present popped up in my inbox. In his words, this track is: “sort of like the theme music to your character if your character were some sort of electro-hacker-tech superhero** and this would play whenever you do something badass. It’s called ‘Electric Ace.'”

Considering how inept I am at computer things, I doubt I could ever be an electro-hacker-tech superhero. But I shall dare to dream. Enjoy!

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For the record, this song could be called “Face Med School.” It could be. It’s not. WARNING: Do NOT listen if you are offended by: the F-word, med school, traditional medicine, and/or obnoxious laughing.


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WBBB: Traffic and Weather on the 8s

Here’s a short radio piece I just finished. Listen to it, then I’ll tell you about. It’s only 2 minutes long and might make you laugh at least once.

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Music by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross

After I watched Gone Girl, I realized that the music reminded me a lot of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. And I wondered how similar those two scores were with The Social Network, so I made a little radio piece looking at some similarities. LISTEN! IT’LL BE FUN!

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