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October 2014


If I had to name this weekend anything, it would probably be “Proof of Concept.” Or maybe “Baptism.” Those of you keeping up to date on my blog may think I’ve become a full-fledged member of the Church of Latter-Day Saints. Let me explain:

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Constitution-Style Burger King Ramblings


I’m in the Burger King in Keelung Harbour, waiting to speak to some LDS members about literally God-knows-what…

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My Afternoon with the Keelung Branch of the Church of Latter Day Saints

An hour-long bus ride into Taipei and the movie I came here to see is sold out.

So now I’m sitting in a McDonald’s basement, munching French fries and listening to the club/house music they’re piping through the speakers.

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An Eventful Uneventful Day

Today (a national holiday in Taiwan so I had the day off), I was planning on going river tracing (hiking in a river), but a typhoon is coming supposedly so that got canceled. There was nothing more than a little drizzle all day, but I suppose better safe than sorry. I woke up at 6:15am and got word of the cancellation at 6:30. I suppose I could have tried to go back to sleep, but I had already gotten changed into clothes and “switched on” for the long day, that I had to much energy to try to sleep again.

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Bean Funeral

I want to have a living classroom. I figured best to start with a few plants. So I did first what anybody wanting to do anything does these days: I Googled it! I Googled what plants I could grow easily and quickly in my classroom. One site was particularly helpful. It told me about growing an avocado tree, a carrot, and beans.

A bean, a carrot top, and an avocado stone walk into a classroom…

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